What You Can Do

Ken Brunson photo

Ken Brunson photo

You can help keep lesser prairie-chickens booming!

Take Part in the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative



If you’re a landowner in the lesser prairie-chicken’s habitat range, you may be eligible to receive technical and financial assistance from LPCI to take part in conservation planning and range management that benefit lesser prairie-chickens AND the bottom line of your agricultural operation.

All planning and individual information is protected through NRCS confidentiality provisions. Find out how to enroll.

Support our Efforts

The Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative is part of Working Lands for Wildlife, a national USDA-NRCS effort funded largely through the Farm Bill. Neither Working Lands for Wildlife or LPCI are able to accept donations directly. However, we work with many partners across the country to leverage the public funding we receive with private funding they raise to get more work done on the ground. Through our partnership with these nonprofits, interested individuals can support Working Lands For Wildlife by donating to these nonprofit partners.

Funds raised will be dedicated to expanding the work we do together. Our partner Pheasants Forever is currently accepting donations that will directly support Working Lands for Wildlife efforts, like the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative. Click here to go to Pheasants Forever’s Working Lands for Wildlife donation page. Thank you for your interest in supporting our efforts and expanding the amount of work we can to together with our partners.

To learn more about how Pheasants Forever supports WLFW, and LPCI specifically, read this recent story from their magazine.

Also, check out this great video about how Pheasants Forever and WLFW restored landscapes in Nebraska’s Sandhills region.

*If you represent a nonprofit partner working with LPCI or other WLFW initiatives and you would like to provide donation opportunities through your organization, please contact Michael Brown.

Support Our Partners

Charles Dixon photo

Charles Dixon photo

Visit our Partners page and check out the many partner organizations who work with LPCI to achieve lesser prairie-chicken conservation through sustainable agriculture. You’ll find links to their websites, on which you can find out more about them and how to support their efforts.

Purchase a Hunting License

Funds from hunting license sales and associated purchase of hunting equipment provide substantial funding for research and habitat management.

Buy Grass-fed Beef

You can act on behalf of prairie grasslands and the wildlife that depend on them through your supermarket choices.  When you buy grass-fed beef, you support keeping our grasslands as grasslands.

Support Landowners Practicing Careful Stewardship 

Healthy grasslands don’t just happen–they’re the result of careful stewardship. Ninety-five percent of the grasslands lesser prairie-chickens inhabit is privately owned. When you pay access fees to recreate (hunt, fish, bird-watch) on healthy grasslands, you’re supporting excellent stewardship and offering incentive for landowners to maintain quality habitat on their land.

Explore the Prairie

There are so many ways to learn more about the prairie.  Visit our Prairie Community pages to find out more about lesser prairie-chickens and the complex community of plants and animals they live with. Our News and Resources page offers many links to readings, videos, and podcasts on LPCI, sustainable range management, prairie ecology, and much more.

Best of all, spend time in native grasslands, at such sites as the Konza Prairie Biological Station, where managers aim to sustain the complex prairie ecosystem through management that mimics historic disturbance patterns. Attend prairie festivals, like Woodward Oklahoma’s Lesser Prairie-Chicken Festival. If you haven’t yet sat in a blind in the early morning hours, listening to prairie-chickens boom and foot-stomp and cluck and spar in the first light of a spring day, it’s high time!

Charles Dixon photo

Charles Dixon photo


Volunteer Time and Sweat 

Even if you don’t own prairie grasslands, you can help out with their stewardship. Volunteer to help a ranching neighbor carry out conservation practices. Contact your local prescribed burn association and volunteer to help out with prescribed burns. Some of our partner organizations hold volunteer days for clearing invasive species, installing wildlife water tanks, and more, so be sure to check out their websites for more information. Let your state representatives know that you support grassland conservation.

Spread the Word

Andy Lawrence photo

Andy Lawrence photo

Know someone with land in the lesser prairie-chicken’s range? Tell them about LPCI’s voluntary conservation programs and the technical and financial assistance LPCI provides.

Like LPCI on Facebook. By going to the LPCI Facebook page and clicking LIKE at the top, you’ll be able to follow LPCI news and learn more about the world of the lesser prairie-chicken. If you see a story that moves you, share it with your friends.

Celebrate all things prairie

If you are fortunate enough to live on the Great Plains, hold an event in your community to celebrate the prairie: the remarkable community of life there, the bounty it brings to our lives, and the resilience and fragility of the prairie ecosystem, the ranching heritage it supports. Involve your local school–children are the next generation of good land stewards.