What We Do

NRCS photo

NRCS photo

The Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative works to keep lesser prairie-chickens booming in the Southern Great Plains while maintaining a vibrant agricultural sector.

LPCI technical and financial support helps ranchers throughout the LPCI action area implement range conservation practices that are restoring vital habitat for lesser prairie-chickens and the countless other wildlife species that depend on healthy prairies. We also partner with several universities to conduct rigorous scientific research that evaluates the impact of our conservation measures.

Between 2010 and 2014:

  • More than 400 private landowners have voluntarily enrolled 750,000+ acres in LPCI’s range-enhancement programs.
  • Woody plant removal has improved prairie habitat on more than 170,000 acres of LPCI-enrolled land.
  • Partner organizations pool funding to support up to 13 field staff working directly with ranchers to improve lesser prairie-chicken habitat.
  • NRCS investments of more than $14 million have resulted in over $20 million in on-the-ground habitat conservation practices.
  • Since 1998, the Farm Service Agency has enrolled more than 5.8 million acres within lesser prairie-chicken range in the Conservation Reserve Program, for which NRCS provides technical support.