Enrolling Your Land

Amy Erickson photo

Amy Erickson photo

Why have more than 400 private landowners enrolled their agricultural lands with the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative?

Here’s what a few participating ranchers say:

“I’m open to thinking outside the box and bringing in the experts. NRCS suggested a better grazing plan, and now I feel like I have help for whatever the circumstances. They showed me a path to re-arrange my cattle and allow for easy rotation. I trust what NRCS has helped me do…. NRCS has trained professionals with skills and guidance I needed.” — Clay Cooper, LPCI-enrolled rancher, Texas

“We’ve had some mesquite trees that we’ve treated, and we’re also battling the eastern redcedar. I think getting out ahead of some of these invasive species is a very good part of the [LPCI] program… It’s very beneficial, because I want to see the wildlife flourish, and that’s one of my goals, but it’s hard to get there financially sometimes…” —Jordan Shearer, LPCI-enrolled rancher, Oklahoma

Benefits of Participation
How to Enroll