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We’ve created six videos to introduce you to the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative and the core conservation practices for which we provide technical and financial assistance. Check them out below.

  • INTRODUCING LPCI. Meet the NRCS-led Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative (LPCI). This first video introduces the LPCI partnership and shows how we go about win-win conservation that benefits agricultural producers and prairie wildlife. (4:14)


  • PRESCRIBED GRAZING MANAGEMENT. Rancher Russell Blew and LPCI range conservationist Dusty Tacha describe how prescribed grazing boosts ranch sustainability while conserving habitat for lesser prairie-chickens.


  • REDCEDAR REMOVAL. Rancher Martin Moore of Oklahoma describes how redcedars were overtaking his family’s Oklahoma ranch and how LPCI technical and financial assistance helped him remove the redcedars and restore grassland vitality.


  • MESQUITE REMOVAL. In the southeastern region of the lesser prairie-chicken’s range (Texas and New Mexico), honey mesquite encroachment takes a substantial bite out of lesser prairie-chicken habitat. This 3-minute video shows the issues and LPCI-assisted management practices to remove mesquite and restore grasslands.



  • BETTER GRAZING THROUGH BURNING. “The prairie has to have fire or it’s going to be gone—we’re going to lose it to the encroachment of trees.” Those are the words of rancher Ed Koger of southwest Kansas. He should know–he’s been applying prescribed fire on the Hashknife Ranch for almost 40 years. LPCI’s video below shows the win-win nature of prescribed fire for ranchers and prairie chickens. (5:05)


  • CONSERVATION RESERVE PROGRAM GRASSLANDS AND LPCI. Learn how Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative provides support to farmers and ranchers for managing Conservation Reserve Program grasslands to benefit lesser prairie-chickens and other prairie wildlife species, while improving ranch sustainability. (3:36)


  • PRESCRIBED BURN IN NEW MEXICO. The footage below shows a prescribed fire at the BLM Sand Ranch Area of Critical Environmental Concern, a 56,000-acre parcel managed specifically for lesser prairie-chickens. From 2016-2019, the BLM and New Mexico State University will be studying the effects of prescribed fire on lesser prairie-chickens.
  • Other Videos

  • Check out footage of lesser prairie-chickens during the springtime mating display, below. You’ll find plenty more videos—of prairie chickens, conservation practices, and more—on the LPCI YouTube channel.

    BATTLE ON THE LEK. View springtime mating displays of male lesser prairie-chickens on a lek (display ground).

video by Laura Erickson

Visit our YouTube channel to view many other videos related to LPCI and lesser prairie-chickens.

Out on the Land, a half-hour TV program, showcases ranchers and farmers practicing innovative conservation of their agricultural lands. Host Dr. Larry Butler visited two ranches enrolled in LPCI and talked with ranchers about their range conservation practices:

High Plains Public Radio has aired several Playa County Radio episodes  featuring LPCI, produced by LPCI partner organization Playa Lakes Joint Venture. Each podcast below is 4:29 in length.