LPCI Resources

Michael Pearce photo courtesy of David Haukos

Michael Pearce photo courtesy of David Haukos

Looking for information about LPCI, lesser prairie-chickens, and range conservation practices? Check out our resources below.

LPCI Publications—General Information

  • LPCI_conservationAcrosstheRange
     LPCI Introductory Flyer for Landowners [PDF]
  • LPCI FY16-18 Conservation Strategy. 18 pages. Working Lands For Wildlife report [PDF]
  • LPCI Conservation Across the Range. 21 pages. Summary report, 2010-2015 [PDF]
  • LPCI Resources Toolkit. One-page fact sheet, with links to LPCI outreach materials [PDF]
  • Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative introductory brochure [PDF]
  • Conservation Assistance Programs brochure [PDF]
  • 2014 LPCI Progress Report [PDF]

LPCI Publications—Science to Solutions

  • SCIENCE TO SOLUTIONS: Conserving Prairies Helps Millions of Songbirds Too [PDF]
  • SCIENCE TO SOLUTIONS: Woody Invasion in the Great Plains Diminishes Water Resources [PDF]
  • SCIENCE TO SOLUTIONS: Grazing Practices Foster Diverse Grassland Habitat [PDF]
  • SCIENCE TO SOLUTIONS: Patch-Burn Grazing Creates Habitat Diversity [PDF]
  • SCIENCE TO SOLUTIONS: New Mapping Tool Helps Target Woody Encroachment [PDF]
  • SCIENCE TO SOLUTIONS: Mesquite Removal Restores Habitat for Lesser Prairie-Chickens [PDF]
  • SCIENCE TO SOLUTIONS: Redcedar Removal Restores LEPC Habitat [PDF]
  • SCIENCE TO SOLUTIONS: LPCI Conservation Practices Boost Lesser Prairie-Chicken Occupancy [PDF]

LPCI Publications—Range Management

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.23.25 AM

  • Use of the Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Guide (for Conservation Planning under LPCI) [PDF]
  • Lesser Prairie-Chicken Habitat Threats Checklist [PDF]
  • Lesser Prairie-Chicken Habitat Assessment for Sand Sagebrush and Grassland Habitats [PDF]
  • Lesser Prairie-Chicken Habitat Assessment for Sand Shinnery Oak and Grassland Habitats [PDF]
  • LPCI Vegetation Monitoring Protocol  [PDF]
  • LPCI Core Conservation Practices for Lesser Prairie-Chicken Habitat [PDF]
  • Improving Lesser Prairie-Chicken Habitat through Revegetation and Rangeland Management. [PDF]
  • Patch Burn Grazing. NRCS Biology Technical Note, 2006. [PDF]


  • LPCI_actionAreaSouthern Great Plains Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool map [Link]
  • LPCI action area map [PDF]
  • Dust Bowl impact area, overlaid with lesser prairie-chicken current and historic range. [PDF]
  • Lesser prairie-chicken range map (historic and present-day distribution) [PDF]
  • LPCI field staff map [PDF]
  • Interactive lesser prairie-chicken habitat map [Link]
  • NRCS Landscape Conservation Initiatives map [PDF]

Range Management Resources from LPCI Partner Organizations

  • Working Lands for Wildlife National Landowner Forum. 2016 [PDF]
  • NRCS Conservation Client Gateway [Link], an excellent tool for landowners interested or participating in NRCS range conservation programs.LPCRWP
  • The Lesser Prairie-Chicken Range-wide Conservation Plan, edited by William E. Van Pelt, Produced by the Lesser-Prairie-Chicken Interstate Working Group for the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. [PDF]
  • USFWS Biological Opinion on the NRCS Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative (160p). [PDF]
  • Guidelines for Managing Lesser Prairie-Chicken Populations and their Habitat. 2004. Christian A. Hagen, Brent E. Jamison, Kenneth M. Giesen, and Terry Z. Riley. Wildlife Society Bulletin. 2004, 32(1):69-82. [PDF]
  • Habitat Evaluation Guide for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken, produced by the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Oklahoma State University. [PDF]
  • Range-wide Population Size of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 16. [Link]
  • Habitat Management of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken. Produced by the DM Wood FouImprovingLPCHabitat,NRCSndation. [PDF]
  • Native Warm-Season Grasses and Wildlife. Produced by NRCS Wildlife Habitat Management Institute. [PDF]
  • Management of Sand Sagebrush Rangelands (Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension) [PDF]
  • Patch Burn Grazing. K-State Research and Extension. November, 2012. [PDF]
  • Patch Burn Grazing: Integrating Fire and Grazing to Promote Heterogeneity, 2013. This excellent 36-page guide was produced by Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service (Oklahoma State University) [PDF]
  • State-by-State Farming and Ranching Resources.  Playa Lakes Joint Venture offers range management information on their website, including farming and ranching resources for each of the five states in the lesser prairie-chicken’s range. [Link]
  • Grazing Considerations in the Midst of Drought. Provided by  Playa Lakes Joint Venture. [Link]
  • Sharing Your Land with Prairie Wildlife. Produced by  Bird Conservancy of the Rockies [Link]
  • Watering Facility Wildlife Escape Ladder Design. Produced by  Bird Conservancy of the Rockies [Link]
  • Reducing Grouse Collision Mortality by Marking Fences (Oklahoma). Research paper by Donald Wolfe et al, Ecological Restoration, 2009. [PDF]

Natural History

  • Visit our Prairie Community pages.
  • PowerPoint on lesser prairie-chicken biology and ecology, by Dr. Christian Hagen, LPCI science advisor [PDF]
  • Lesser Prairie-Chicken Resource Center, maintained by LPCI partner, The DM Wood Foundation. They offer several fact sheets on lesser prairie-chickens, including Ecology of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken and Habitat Types of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken. [Link]
  • LPCHabitatEvalGuideThe Lesser Prairie-Chicken Range-wide Conservation Plan, edited by William E. Van Pelt, drafted by the Lesser-Prairie-Chicken Interstate Working Group. [PDF]
  • Habitat Evaluation Guide for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken, produced by the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Oklahoma State University. [Link]
  • Playing Chicken“, by David S. Wilcove. Living Bird, Winter, 2014. [Link]
  • Grassland Grouse and Their Conservation, by Paul A. Johnsgard, 2002. Paul Johnsgard is an ornithologist, artist, prolific author, and emeritus professor at the University of Nebraska.
  • Save the Last Dance, by Joel M. Vance, with photos by Noppadol Paothong, 2012. Beautiful photographs and natural history descriptions of North America’s native grouse species.

Related Science Research

  • Patch-burn Grazing Reduces Fuels and is Compa ble with Prairie-Chicken Conservation, Starns H.D., S.D. Fuhlendorf, R.D. Elmore, D. Twidwell, E.T. Thacker, and T.J. Hovick. 2017.  [PDF]
  • Ongoing or recently completed research on lesser prairie-chickens within the LPCI Action Area. [Link]
  • Texas Tech LPC research projects and major findings [PDF]
  • Kansas State University current LPC research projects. Click on any of the research project titles to learn more about the project. [Link]
  • New Mexico State University current LPC research projects. Click on project titles to learn more. [Link]
  • Influence of Landscape Composition and Change on Lesser Prairie-chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) Populations by Alan J.W. Woodward and Samuel D. Fuhlendorf [PDF]
  • Lesser Prairie-Chicken Hen and Brood Habitat Use on Sand Shinnery Oak by Luke A. Bell, Samuel D. Fuhlendorf, Michael A. Patten, Donald H. Wolfe, and Steve K. Sherrod. [PDF]

Other Information

  • 2014 Farm Bill Field Guide for Fish and Wildlife Conservation.FarmBillGuidecover,lowres A concise and accessible guide that will help natural resource managers and landowners alike understand the many conservation programs supported by the 2014 Farm Bill. [Link]
  • Tools for Helping Imperiled Wildlife on Private Lands, produced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [PDF]
  • FAQs about Endangered Species Act Listing of Lesser Prairie-Chicken, produced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [PDF]
  • Listing a Species as Threatened or Endangered, produced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [PDF]