LPCI Outreach Materials Offer Conservation Toolkit

What’s the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative (LPCI) all about? How do farmers and ranchers benefit from taking part in voluntary LPCI conservation practices? How do they get started? Throughout 2015, LPCI produced a range of outreach materials for landowners, resource managers, and the general public, answering these questions and many more.

LPCI resource collage

LPCI’s new one-page Resources Toolkit offers links to all of the Initiative’s main publications, website and social media, videos, photo gallery, and more.

The NRCS-led LPCI partnership has created a one-page LPCI Resources Toolkit, which compiles these information sources and offers direct links to each, including the following:

The LPCI website, www.lpcinitiative.org, is the go-to source for information on lesser prairie-chickens and the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative. It offers links to all LPCI news stories, publications, photo and video galleries, reports, and fact sheets. Social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel, provide regular updates on LPCI.

LPCI’s publications include the new, 21-page Conservation Across the Range  report, which highlights the Initiative’s habitat conservation strategies and some of the many landowners who put those strategies in place on the range. The LPCI Introductory brochure gives a brief overview of the Initiative, and the Conservation Assistance Programs brochure helps landowners compare key assistance programs available in lesser prairie-chicken country.

LPCI released three short videos in 2015, which introduce LPCI and highlight two of its key conservation strategies—prescribed fire and conversion of expired CRP grasslands to grazing lands. They can be viewed on the LPCI YouTube channel and in the LPCI website video gallery.


LPCI produced three short videos in 2015 to introduce the Initiative and highlight two key conservation strategy for which LPCI provides technical and financial assistance.

The LPCI website photo gallery offers images of lesser prairie-chickens, their habitat, range conservation strategies, participating ranchers, and researchers, available for non-commercial purposes.

Download the LPCI Resources Toolkit.

Visit the LPCI Resources page.