Collaboration & Partnership


Many partners, one mission.

Within the NRCS-led Lesser Prairie Chicken Initiative, more than 25 agencies, nonprofit organizations, universities, and private businesses pool resources and know-how to conserve rural agriculture and provide habitat for native wildlife. While LPCI partners embrace a broad range of interests, values, and organizational missions, we act together from the firm foundation of our shared goal to conserve lesser prairie-chickens.

Launched in 2010, the LPCI partnership builds on the tremendous strengths, expertise, and experience of our partner organizations. Though NRCS launched LPCI and funds its conservation assistance to landowners, our partners are absolutely critical to our success.

LPCI partners expand the field delivery, science, and communications capacity for lesser prairie-chicken conservation.

Several partner organizations pool funding to hire range conservationists and wildlife biologists based in critical habitat areas throughout the Southern Plains states. These LPCI Partner Field Staff work one-on-one with landowners who chose to participate in LPCI’s voluntary range conservation programs. LPCI partners also fund a GIS mapping specialist who provides mapping support to all Partner Field Staff.